Our philosophy is simple and straight-forward: we strive to offer a personalized, flexible, challenging, and rewarding graduate program that covers the essentials of contemporary applied computer science. 

The coursework in our program represents a realistic balance between the foundation courses and the applied courses. We are always addinging new and innovative courses to keep up with the fast-paced world of IT including courses in Software Engineering, Big Data, Data Analytics, High Performance Computing, Mobile Application Development, Web Development and Cloud Computing.

What sets us apart from other programs is that you do not need a computer science background or previous computer experience. Our courses are designed to get you up to speed to maximum success in the program!

Do you have what it takes to get your Masters in Computer Science from the University of Chicago? 

Admission to the Masters in Computer Science program is based on careful review of the numerous components of the application including your resume, references, test scores, personal statement of purpose and other items. Since many prospective students have varying backgrounds in computer science education and experience as well as  career paths, we take numerous components of the application into consideration for acceptance. Learn more about applying to the program.