9-Course MS Program

The 9-course Masters in Computer Science program provides a balance between foundations in CS and skills necessary for technology careers.

Students will complete five courses in the following core areas:

  • Foundations of Computer Science
  • Programming
  • Databases
  • Computer Systems, Networks and Architectures

Students must take at least one course in each of these areas, except in Computer Systems, Networks and Architectures, where at least two courses are required (i.e., the number of core courses is five).

Courses that satisfy each core area:

Foundations of Computer Science:

  • Algorithms
  • Advanced Algorithms

Programming (choose one):

  • CSPP 51036 Java Programming
  • CSPP 51040 C Programming
  • CSPP 51044 C++ for Advanced Programmers (with Director's consent only)


  • CSPP 53001 Databases
  • CSPP 53017 Data Warehousing

Computer Systems, Networks and Architectures (choose two):

  • CSPP 51011 Introduction to Computer Systems
  • CSPP 51050 OO Architecture & Design
  • CSPP 51081 UNIX Systems Programming
  • CSPP 54001 Networks
  • CSPP 54015 Advanced Network Design
  • CSPP (TBD) Operating Systems

In addition to the core courses, students will take four elective courses.
Current course offerings can be found on our Course Schedule.

A full list of classes offered by the Department of Computer Science is available at CS Course Descriptions.

Our classes are in the 50000-level. With permission, students in the masters program may take any Computer Science class 20000-level and above for credit towards your graduate degree.  

In addition, as electives, students are allowed up to two courses from other areas of the university including Chicago Booth School of Business and other advanced undergraduate or Ph.D. classes in the Physical Sciences Division. (with the Director’s approval).