The Masters Program in Computer Science at the University of Chicago provides students a deep foundation in computer science and the skills required for an exciting career in software engineering, finance, trading analytics and more.  

We offer a comprehensive and thorough process-oriented approach to software development. The curriculum is fundamentally grounded in software engineering research, theory, principles, and practice (e.g. CMMI, RUP, UML and design patterns).

There is a strong emphasis in applied topics with coursework databases, networking, systems administration, large-scale information systems, computer architecture, operating systems, electronic commerce, ethics, public policy, object architectures, multimedia systems, Web-based services, e-commerce, network security, and cryptography, as well as other topics important to computer professionals and their potential employers.

The skills and education acquired will enable advancement to positions and projects of greater responsibility and impact.  Students will be equipped with a strong foundation and the necessary tools to utilize new technologies and prepare them for key technology application and decision-making.

Our program is different from other Masters programs due to our ability to tailor course work to the needs of our students, regardless of previous computing experience, career paths and scheduling obstacles.  We also offer full-time and part-time options to meet the needs of our students.

Graduates of our program are highly sought after and find positions with technology companies, software developers, algorithmic trading houses and consulting firms.